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The Last Wisp of the Universe

Since astronomers first looked up at the stars they’ve wondered about the expanse of the universe. The shape. How many galaxies are there? How far does it stretch beyond the observable? Does it have edges?

Not really.

But she does have elbows.



When you are with me I am safe. When I am with you I am home. These are our harbours.

We spend so long apart, so long sailing between the two and I have become used to the open ocean.

The sea is changeable.

I get it.

I am too.

I know that your sea legs are weary and long for more stable ground. You want a harbour to drop anchors and build a less transitional home.

I get it.

I love you too.

But I am so used to being unmoored that I can’t make promises. When you are with me I am safe. And when I am with you I am home. But there is whole ocean and she whispers to me; ‘A ship in the harbour is safe. But that’s not what ships are built for.’


via Daily Prompt: Unmoored