She burnt away, rotting from within Until all that was left was ceramic skin Perfectly painted with only one crack Just below the knee, a hole of deep black The only blemish on a porcelain doll, Showing inside she was nothing at all But empty and hollow, full of dead space A vacuous vacuum with a manufactured... Continue Reading →


I have a concrete body And a restless soul, A rib-caged heart And lungs of coal.   The tide changes In my bloodstream. Ruffled heart feathers Screaming run, change, move. . Via Daily Prompt: Tide

NaNoWriMo Eve

'Twas the night before NaNoWriMo and all through the house Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse; The writing desk by the window was tidied with care, In hopes that inspiration soon would be there; Characters were nestled all snug in their beds, While visions of plotlines danced in their heads. The characters were so quiet,... Continue Reading →


There's something in the way you move that reminds me of him. It flickers across your face and changes you. Momentarily. And then you are back. I wonder if it's co-incidence or if my masochistic subconscious latched on to it as we fell in love. Worse still, I wonder if you picked it up from me.... Continue Reading →


The news screams of war. Nuclear sirens and wildfires, Flooded homes Extremists taking their fight To the streets. I try to memorize the way you look at me The way my name sounds on your lips How warm you are, how safe. Politicians in hot water Displaced children Without a home nation On a boiling... Continue Reading →

Shit: An ode to Anxiety

There are so many people Everything feels out of time It messes with my thoughts And messes up my rhyming... Shit. That's not quite right I know I can do better Words scramble in my brain I can't settle on a... Shit. What that word? For one alphabetical member I'd communicate my meaning If only... Continue Reading →

Magnetic Love

The lovers stilled to watch their hearts dance. Between them was more than chemistry, more than sparks. It was a charge that buzzed through the air, crackling over the goosebumps of the crowd. They were electric. Magnetic. In the right mood- pulled together and impossible to unstick. Circling one another, always touching and never looking... Continue Reading →

White Rose

A single white rose grew in a field of daisies. She knew she was not like the others. She grew taller than they did And lacked their happy yellow centre Her petals were too big.   When children came to make flower crowns From daisies that were so easily chained They looked but did not pick her, For... Continue Reading →


They say that silence speaks volumes Because it fills up a room, Fills up your lungs Drowns you Suffocating.   They say that silence speaks volumes Because the loudest conversations Are what you don't say Can't say Deafening.   They should speak of silence and vacuums An empty space, an absence of matter Filled with... Continue Reading →

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