The Lost City

There is a city that can only be found by those who are truly lost. It starts in your soul, a tiny pin-prick of pain that you don't notice until it spreads through your veins into your heart. Your body feels wrong and your thoughts are heavy, numb. Everything around you is hazy- like a... Continue Reading →


Mum keeps his bedroom door shut. His pictures are still in the living room. They used to gather dust, but not any more. She must polish them when I'm not looking. She's taken his coat off it's peg and his shoes out of the hall. It's like he's just gone out. Or run away, like everyone... Continue Reading →

The Final Illusion

"The trick, my friend," The Illusionist once told me, "Is to always let them think they've seen you three times. They stop looking after that." Despite having been told this, I could never spot how he did it. I knew the Great Lafayette better than most and I could never tell the difference between the real... Continue Reading →


They found the passports. They found the luggage, clothes and boarding passes, but they never found the passengers. They found the plane easily enough. It had made a safe and controlled landing in a field not too far from where Control had seen it disappear from the radar. There was no sign of engine trouble-... Continue Reading →

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