When You Read This

When you read this The storm will have passed The fire extinguished The fight far behind. When you read this Your wounds will have healed Your pain scabbed over Your anguish subdued. When you read this Remember Anger is silent But the echo is loud.

Out Of Office

Thank you for your email. As of this Friday I am out of the office And will remain so indefinitely. I am sorry for the inconvenience caused, If you're the one who found my body. If you require urgent assistance, Please call your local helpline. If I am unsuccessful I will respond to your email on Monday. Kind... Continue Reading →


She burnt away, rotting from within Until all that was left was ceramic skin Perfectly painted with only one crack Just below the knee, a hole of deep black The only blemish on a porcelain doll, Showing inside she was nothing at all But empty and hollow, full of dead space A vacuous vacuum with a manufactured... Continue Reading →


I have a concrete body And a restless soul, A rib-caged heart And lungs of coal.   The tide changes In my bloodstream. Ruffled heart feathers Screaming run, change, move. . Via Daily Prompt: Tide


There's something in the way you move that reminds me of him. It flickers across your face and changes you. Momentarily. And then you are back. I wonder if it's co-incidence or if my masochistic subconscious latched on to it as we fell in love. Worse still, I wonder if you picked it up from me.... Continue Reading →

Shit: An ode to Anxiety

There are so many people Everything feels out of time It messes with my thoughts And messes up my rhyming... Shit. That's not quite right I know I can do better Words scramble in my brain I can't settle on a... Shit. What that word? For one alphabetical member I'd communicate my meaning If only... Continue Reading →


When I wake up I'm 50 and my kids are all at Uni. My parents are dead, I know this. My wife looks different... older. She tells me I'm 73 and my memory's going. She must be right, my mind feels foggy. When I wake up I'm 40 and my kids are teenagers, but they... Continue Reading →

Before and After Me

A stack of photographs lie on the floor. I pick one up. A girl. She is smiling and she is happy. There is laughter in her eyes. She is loud and bold. She is bright and colourful. Vibrant. She is me, but I hardly recognise her. She is me. Before. I pick up the next... Continue Reading →


There is a party. With laughter and drink and people I love. The room is packed. There is music and I am spinning. Then someone comes to talk to me and they bring with them a smell. Maybe it's the brand of the wine they are drinking, or their deodorant, or whatever they used to wash... Continue Reading →

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