We are all 13.8 billion years old. In our consciousness, at least. Not in these disposable meat sack bodies. When they first announced that, I'd just gotten off the tube and it was raining and I was hungry and I could fully believe it. I felt 13.8 billion years old. But then I had a... Continue Reading →

Written in the Stars

She stood on the shore and watched a star fall down from the heavens towards her. The closer it came, the smaller it got. It burnt brighter as it entered her atmosphere and then dimmed. She almost lost track of it altogether until she heard the thud of it landing in a sand dune behind... Continue Reading →


Every day on his way to work James would pass a guy in the underground station playing a saxophone with his eyes closed. There were always three things that stood out to him- how good it sounded, how the music reminded him of a jazz band he'd been in at Uni and how very beautiful... Continue Reading →


You were either pink or you were blue. Those were the only options, but could you even call them that when there was no manner of choice involved at all? Ash was born a blue. There were certain things blues could do and certain things they couldn't because those things were reserved for pinks. Ash... Continue Reading →


The lifestyle you have chosen does not not exist in the republic.  He heard those words as he was arrested. He heard them as he was locked away without trial. He heard them over and over again, although he did not choose to. He did not choose the sleep deprivation. He did not choose the beatings.... Continue Reading →

Opaque: The Unsculptable Man

The Glassmaker made figurines of everyone he met. Tiny, delicate statues that were so realistic many people swore that they had seen theirs move, or heard them whisper when their back was turned. There were some people who secretly felt that the figurine was a clearer image of the person they truly were than they... Continue Reading →


Everything was spotless and white. The light, cream carpet on the floor was immaculate and the white table surfaces didn't have so much as a crumb or a ring of condensation from drinks without coasters. The walls were white and blank- no pictures, no photographs, no art. It could have been a show home. Annaliese... Continue Reading →

Film Review: Beauty and the Beast (2017)

The 2017 remake of Disney's animated 1991 Beauty and the Beast- was it worth it? Is it different? How does that LGBT plot-line affect the story? Recently Disney have been putting a lot of focus on live-action remakes of their animated classics and when it comes to films like Beauty and the Beast I can understand why. Live-action mixed with modern animation and... Continue Reading →

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