We are all 13.8 billion years old. In our consciousness, at least. Not in these disposable meat sack bodies. When they first announced that, I'd just gotten off the tube and it was raining and I was hungry and I could fully believe it. I felt 13.8 billion years old. But then I had a... Continue Reading →

Out Of Office

Thank you for your email. As of this Friday I am out of the office And will remain so indefinitely. I am sorry for the inconvenience caused, If you're the one who found my body. If you require urgent assistance, Please call your local helpline. If I am unsuccessful I will respond to your email on Monday. Kind... Continue Reading →

The Lost City

There is a city that can only be found by those who are truly lost. It starts in your soul, a tiny pin-prick of pain that you don't notice until it spreads through your veins into your heart. Your body feels wrong and your thoughts are heavy, numb. Everything around you is hazy- like a... Continue Reading →

The Smell of Death

  Death smells differently depending on which side of it you are on. To those left behind it is stagnant, rotting and somehow... cold? It slows down the air until it is thick like soup. It makes people around it still, but uncomfortable. For those who walk with the Grim Reaper, death carries another fragrance... Continue Reading →


I remember we are stardust And when I miss him I look up. I trace his outline in the cosmos. I wave. He winks.   I remember that atoms are reused. And I breathe deep recycled air Passed from his lungs to mine Through time.   I remember that time is relative And although our... Continue Reading →

Wheel of Fortune

  The Casino is filled with merriment. The Fates sit around a roulette wheel. Folly continues a losing streak on a fruit machine. Sloth sleeps in a corner. Vice serves drinks and Gluttony drinks them all. The three Fates keep playing. Clotho spins the wheel. Lachesis places a bet. They do not gamble with chips, they bet their threads- each... Continue Reading →

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