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Wheel of Fortune


The Casino is filled with merriment.

The Fates sit around a roulette wheel. Folly continues a losing streak on a fruit machine. Sloth sleeps in a corner. Vice serves drinks and Gluttony drinks them all.

The three Fates keep playing. Clotho spins the wheel. Lachesis places a bet. They do not gamble with chips, they bet their threads- each one representing the life and fortunes of a man. They wait. A loss. Atropis smiles and cuts the thread.

A man on Earth has been terminal for months. He takes a last breath and feels the thread snap.

He feels fortunate.

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No Man’s Land

An old soldier stands in a poppy field, unsettled by the peace.

Who’s territory is this now?

The source and sight of so much conflict lies dormant. Tourists pass through and somebody tends to the poppies, but nobody stays.

He wonders why. Was this empty field worth the blood spilt if it was only ever going to be a home for the dead? Why did they fight so hard for this empty space? Do friendships grow amongst the friends and foes buried beneath the poppies?

The old soldier touches a medal on his chest. This land belongs to the fallen.

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Tempestuous Territory

Many have tried to tame her, to claim her, but hers is not a body that can be owned.

When men come to blows, when they get territorial and wage war, she is neutral. She carries her own laws. Her own set of rules.

Many have loved her. Lucky men think she favours them, others curse her for toying with them. Neither are right, for they mean nothing to her.

She can be calm. She can be stormy. She can sink both sides of a war, but it is nothing personal. The quarrels of men mean nothing to the sea.

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