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The Faerie Pools

He came across the Faerie Pools at dusk. The water shimmered and sparkled underneath a fading sun. He sat down on one of the rocks nearby to take a picture and drink a can of beer he’d brought out with him for moments just like this. The water was so clear, unpolluted. Here, away from all of the big city lights he finally understood the meaning of the phrase “fresh air”. He breathed deep.

He watched the sun set slowly behind a mountain and stood up to return to his rented holiday cottage. The toe of his left boot knocked his empty can in to the pool. Ooops. He looked down. It was deeper than he expected. There was no sign of the can. He almost turned to leave when something else caught his eye.

A woman with silvery-blue skin smiled up at him. Her eyes were orange and yellow like the sunset. She was so beautiful. Was she real? She was so still… a statue perhaps? He knelt down to take a better look. She started to laugh. It rose to the surface and escaped in bubbles. It sounded perfect, so warm. She began to swim up towards him and he leaned closer still. It was getting dark, but that didn’t matter to him any more. She was all he wanted. His nose touched the surface.

They found his body the next morning. Nobody could work out what the holiday maker had been doing out so late, there was alcohol in his system but no beer can in sight. All the locals agreed it was a terrible shame and so strange for a man to drown in such a shallow pool of water.

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When you are with me I am safe. When I am with you I am home. These are our harbours.

We spend so long apart, so long sailing between the two and I have become used to the open ocean.

The sea is changeable.

I get it.

I am too.

I know that your sea legs are weary and long for more stable ground. You want a harbour to drop anchors and build a less transitional home.

I get it.

I love you too.

But I am so used to being unmoored that I can’t make promises. When you are with me I am safe. And when I am with you I am home. But there is whole ocean and she whispers to me; ‘A ship in the harbour is safe. But that’s not what ships are built for.’


via Daily Prompt: Unmoored