All my thoughts are winding

If you sit on the edge, the wood shakes you when the trains go by. It makes me feel like the plastic dentures Johnny got Granny as a joke one Christmas. There's a little screw at the back and when we wound them up they chattered together so much they juddered along the table and... Continue Reading →

On Repeat

The music crackles and he takes my hand for the very first time. The record spins, he spins me with it. We laugh. We dance. We kiss. His song is on repeat. It becomes our song. It plays at our wedding. It plays our daughter to sleep. She plays it herself when she is sad.... Continue Reading →

First Sight

He emerged from the shadows. A streetlight shone down on him, turning his blonde hair into a halo and forming a pool of ethereal light at his feet. His piercing green eyes spoke directly to her heart. She was instantly enamoured. Love at first sight. He smiled and she felt warm. He beckoned her over, towards the light. She went without question,... Continue Reading →

Magnetic Love

The lovers stilled to watch their hearts dance. Between them was more than chemistry, more than sparks. It was a charge that buzzed through the air, crackling over the goosebumps of the crowd. They were electric. Magnetic. In the right mood- pulled together and impossible to unstick. Circling one another, always touching and never looking... Continue Reading →


Mum keeps his bedroom door shut. His pictures are still in the living room. They used to gather dust, but not any more. She must polish them when I'm not looking. She's taken his coat off it's peg and his shoes out of the hall. It's like he's just gone out. Or run away, like everyone... Continue Reading →

The Smell of Death

  Death smells differently depending on which side of it you are on. To those left behind it is stagnant, rotting and somehow... cold? It slows down the air until it is thick like soup. It makes people around it still, but uncomfortable. For those who walk with the Grim Reaper, death carries another fragrance... Continue Reading →

Alloy City

Silver skyscrapers rise towards a titanium sky. Trees made of tin line the streets. Nobody remembers who sculpted them, they are a left over relic from the people who came before. The ones who were not made from metals. A man in a iron hat and a woman with copper hair walk towards the outskirts of... Continue Reading →

Final Judgement

It takes three of them to tear him apart. They pull him from limb to limb, carve open his chest and unravel his soul. There are threads of silver for every laugh and ribbons of blue for his pain. Very little love. Their fingernails dig out his secrets. Their teeth rip out his lies. They... Continue Reading →

The Storyspinner

The people who came to her were cold and lonely. They drifted in from elsewhere. Some only stayed for a night. Some stayed longer. They were drawn in by the light of her fire. She invited them to sit and listen. As she spoke she would take her words from the air and spin them […]

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