Out Of Office

Thank you for your email. As of this Friday I am out of the office And will remain so indefinitely. I am sorry for the inconvenience caused, If you're the one who found my body. If you require urgent assistance, Please call your local helpline. If I am unsuccessful I will respond to your email on Monday. Kind... Continue Reading →

An Ending

In the end, there was only a flooded planet and dying star. "It was good," the sun sank towards the sea, her former inferno reduced to a flame in the clouds. "Perfect," the sea rose to meet her. She was doused and the sea froze. Across the universe: a spark, a droplet, a beginning.  ... Continue Reading →


She burnt away, rotting from within Until all that was left was ceramic skin Perfectly painted with only one crack Just below the knee, a hole of deep black The only blemish on a porcelain doll, Showing inside she was nothing at all But empty and hollow, full of dead space A vacuous vacuum with a manufactured... Continue Reading →

Black Noise

I don't hear things like you do. I hear them in colours. It doesn't quite translate the way you think. White noise tends to be a little pink. Finding white noise that is purely white is as difficult as finding untouched snow in a playground. There's too much going on these days- too many radio frequencies, too... Continue Reading →

On Repeat

The music crackles and he takes my hand for the very first time. The record spins, he spins me with it. We laugh. We dance. We kiss. His song is on repeat. It becomes our song. It plays at our wedding. It plays our daughter to sleep. She plays it herself when she is sad.... Continue Reading →


The news screams of war. Nuclear sirens and wildfires, Flooded homes Extremists taking their fight To the streets. I try to memorize the way you look at me The way my name sounds on your lips How warm you are, how safe. Politicians in hot water Displaced children Without a home nation On a boiling... Continue Reading →

Before and After Me

A stack of photographs lie on the floor. I pick one up. A girl. She is smiling and she is happy. There is laughter in her eyes. She is loud and bold. She is bright and colourful. Vibrant. She is me, but I hardly recognise her. She is me. Before. I pick up the next... Continue Reading →

Recipe for Your Soul

Ingredients: 2 cups of self-raising determination. 2 cups of creativity Self confidence, beaten 200ml of love 1/2 a cup of insecurity (it will feel like more once baked, but that's all I promise) A pinch of courage. Method: Mix together all of the dry ingredients thoroughly in a large mixing bowl. Pour in the rest... Continue Reading →

Earth Day

The Simple and The Marvellous

I’m not religious, but today I feel blessed. The dusky light filling my living room is soft and beautiful, the air outside is crisp and I feel lucky to be right where I am.

Today I’ve been studying. I’ve been staring at books and my computer screen all day, I have a headache and my eyes are dry, but still I feel fortunate. When I look up from my screen I can see out of the window, through the trees just stirring into Spring, green leaves beginning to unfurl and buds starting to appear on the branches. Chipmunks are running up and down the trunks and tiny, delicate birds flit from one tree to another. Beyond the trees lies a mirror still lake. A swan sits motionless on top of the glassy surface. I look out of that window, past the trees to the lake and the swan and the dragonflies…

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