First Sight

Throwback to an older post because I’m too tired and full of the cold to write a new one today.

Fragments of Fiction

He emerged from the shadows. A streetlight shone down on him, turning his blonde hair into a halo and forming a pool of ethereal light at his feet. His piercing green eyes spoke directly to her heart. She was instantly enamoured. Love at first sight.

He smiled and she felt warm. He beckoned her over, towards the light. She went without question, amazed he’d noticed her at all.

She stepped in to the light around him. His outstretched hand turned in to a claw. He scooped out her eyes. And love at first sight became the last thing she ever saw.

via Daily Prompt: Enamored

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Earth Day

The Simple and The Marvellous

I’m not religious, but today I feel blessed. The dusky light filling my living room is soft and beautiful, the air outside is crisp and I feel lucky to be right where I am.

Today I’ve been studying. I’ve been staring at books and my computer screen all day, I have a headache and my eyes are dry, but still I feel fortunate. When I look up from my screen I can see out of the window, through the trees just stirring into Spring, green leaves beginning to unfurl and buds starting to appear on the branches. Chipmunks are running up and down the trunks and tiny, delicate birds flit from one tree to another. Beyond the trees lies a mirror still lake. A swan sits motionless on top of the glassy surface. I look out of that window, past the trees to the lake and the swan and the dragonflies…

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