All my thoughts are winding

If you sit on the edge, the wood shakes you when the trains go by. It makes me feel like the plastic dentures Johnny got Granny as a joke one Christmas. There’s a little screw at the back and when we wound them up they chattered together so much they juddered along the table and fell off.

Johnny would find it funny, I think. My teeth all chattering like that.

I’ll show him when he gets back. If he gets back. He got on a train. Maybe the one that’s coming back now.

All my thoughts are winding. Chattering. Chattering.


This was a 100-word story in response to the weekly Friday fictioneers photo prompt. If you want to take part details can be found here.

Take a look at the stories from other participants here!


19 thoughts on “All my thoughts are winding

  1. The set up and mood are really nicely done here. I liked the glimpse into who Johnny was from the view of the nervous narrator.


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