Ice-Cream Van at the End of the Galaxy

There’s an ice-cream van at the edge of the Milky Way. It’s been there longer than there has been life on Earth. Commuters stop by on the intergalactic highway as they make their way home from work.

It serves almost every flavour.

The Ice-Cream Man gets beans from Fesluyrus that can make up to seven different kinds of chocolate. He mixes them with the mint flowers of Meirilia to make mint chocolate chip. There’s a berry on Babrorix that he turns in to a Babrorian Swirl. It tastes like Love, however that might taste to you. Kids will come from light-years away to dare each other to try a scoop of Raonov Ripple, made from the most sour-tasting vegetable in the Galaxy.

He has one thousand and seventy one flavours in total. He’d like to be able to serve vanilla, but the Ice-cream Man has never been able to source it. The only place it grows in our Galaxy is Earth and he’s worried our species is too young to handle a visit from him, or anyone else not from our planet. He’s probably right.


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